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Each week, we cover your favorite dark and creepy stories, and pick apart the weird science and history behind them. True Crime/Science/History/Comedy Podcast. 
Hosted by Kimberly Baker, Lila Dunk, and Allyson Nemec.

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Remember, smart is sexy! 

Jul 31, 2019

Greetings, creepy friends! What happening, homeslice? It's time for another dope episode of the Death Dames! Today, Kim tells us about the twisting and turning murder of Ellen Sherman, and Ally tells us about the best thing since sliced bread, the VCR! Thanks so much for checking us out, and if you have always wondered the how and why behind your favorite true crime stories, then consider subscribing to Death Dames wherever you listen to podcasts, and consider rating and leaving a review! You can also follow us on Twitter @DeathDamesPod, or on Instagram @deathdamespodcast. And everyone remember, Smart is Sexy! #DeathDamesPodcast